Production of refuse-derived fuel (RDF)
  • What is it?

RDF are fuels derived from waste, in a process that allows to take advantage of more than 12.5% of the total of municipal waste received and that, by other route, would have as final destination the landfill without any use.


  • Where it is taken ? 

The EGF has four concessionaires that produce RDF, which are equipped with fuel preparation centers from the grinding of the residues into coarse and fine fractions and the separation of the heavy and light fractions.

This process makes possible the production of fuels of different granulometries and of different technical specifications.


  • How it is reused?

Fuels can be used to supply fleet of collection trucks, allowing the replacement of conventional fuels and thus reducing both greenhouse gas emissions and energy dependence on fossil sources.







Production Units
Amarsul - Palmela Production Unit

Location: Ecoparque de Palmela

Ersuc - Aveiro e Coimbra Production Unit

Location: Aveiro e Coimbra

Valnor - Avis Production Unit

Location: Herdade das Marrãs, Avis

Suldouro - Sermonde Production Unit

Location: Sermonde