Slag Recovery
  • What are?


Slags are the heavy ashes that result from the waste incinerated at the Energy Recovery Center, and are then separated into ferrous metal, non-ferrous and inert metal.
















  • Where are these slags taken?

For the separation step, the material is taken to a Slag Treatment and Recovery Facility. After the materials get distinguished, the metal is sent for recycling and is produced aggregate for road construction.


  • How it is reused?

As a product certified with CE marking, the aggregate can be used in road construction, landfill cover and other applications, constituting a product of high potential.

For the metal, it should be noted that is removed from the slag ferrous material sufficient for the construction of 16,500 automobiles per year.


  • Where it is treated?

The slag is treated at the Valorsul facility in Vila Franca de Xira, in operation since 2000. For more information, access here.