DECEMBER 18, 2019

Algar began exploring the D cell of Portimão's Sanitary Landfill on December 12th, a cell already planned in the initial landfill project, which ensures the capacity for the disposal of undifferentiated waste collected in western Algarve.


The construction of the landfill translates into an investment of 3.6 million euros and has a docking volume of 1 million m3 for waste disposal, equivalent to 90,000 tons of waste per year, with a foreseen 10 years of operating life.


To attend the first use were invited to the Mayor of Portimão Isilda Gomes, the Vice-President Filipe Vital, the Chief of Staff José Cardoso and also the Director General of EMARP João Rosa.


Portimão's landfill is part of an integrated management system, being that landfill is the last option used in waste management and the result of a careful environmental protection plan. The new cell has the best environmental protection and preservation techniques to enable soil sealing and aquifer protection, including monitoring the proper drainage of leachate; biogas uptake, which is sent for energy recovery or flaring; and the control of ground/surface water and topographic changes.