AUGUST 13, 2021

The 3rd edition 2020/2021 of the Ecovalor Program, in the area covered by Amarsul, had the participation of 80 registered educational establishments, reaching a universe of participation of 55,000 students. With this program, we guarantee that the recyclable waste collected returns to the production cycle and becomes raw material, while the schools are awarded for good environmental performance.


In this edition, schools valued 139,604 kg of recyclable materials, with 48,529 kg of plastic and metal packaging, 85,602 kg of paper and cardboard and 5,478 kg of glass packaging. It should be noted that this being an atypical school year, due to COVID-19, in which schools were part of the school year in non-presential education, they showed a special involvement and interest in recycling. Congratulations to all: Municipalities, Schools, Institutions and all those who committed to separating.


To increase adherence to the programs, Amarsul provided equipment for selective disposal, namely, ecobags for classrooms, metal supports and bags for the outside areas of the school grounds, as well as training.


The Ecovalor program distinguishes educational establishments and institutions that separate larger amounts of waste in 3 competitions. This year, “Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Almada” won first place in the Separa and Win in the Yellow and Blue competitions, while the Separa and Win in the Green competition was won by the “FCT - Faculty of Science and Technology, Universidade Nova of Lisbon”.


Amarsul is preparing the 4th edition of the ‘Separa e Ganha’ contests. All schools that are interested in sending their application forward, we invite you to fill in the membership form to guarantee your place. All information is already available at