NOVEMBER, 06 2018

Domestic composting is a 100% natural process. Vegetables, garden leaves and dry plants gain a new life and become compound to fertilize the earth.


"Compostar, another form of Recycling" is a program of awareness and training of Valorsul, for the practice of domestic composting that aims to create the habit of composting in 2,000 families of the 14 municipalities in the Western Region served by Valorsul. The Program foresees 100 training actions for these families, as well as the offer of a composter and a practical composting guide to each family enrolled.


For the success of the project it was essential to partner with the municipalities and with the Town Councils that publicized the project, solicited the registrations of the interested families and gave way to the training and logistics of the transportation and delivery of the composers.


Interested families living in the West region still have time to attend: on Saturday, November 24, there will be a free training and offer of composer at Cadaval. Just send an application to and wait for confirmation.


The Program also has the support of the PO SEUR, which financed training actions and communication materials.