APRIL 03, 2020

EGF has just made available, through their digital platform www.egf.pt/en/, clear information on the new cares to be taken with urban waste and disposal of domestic waste in the fight against the spread of COVID-19's pandemic, by also gathering answers to frequently asked questions and providing teaching materials meant to be used by all people and organizations.


In this page, which gives clear and simple indications based on the guidelines of the Portuguese Environment Agency and the Directorate-General for Health, posters and leaflets in several languages, press releases and short films with useful information were made available; it is also possible to clarify questions about recycling or better understand how to protect yourself and the people around you to avoid contagion.

You can also access the digital campaign “we are working for you, stay at home for us”, launched last month, which raises awareness, sensitizes and advises the population to stay at home, with the aim of preventing and mitigating the spread of the virus, therefore protecting thyselves and the waste collection and treatment workers who work daily without stopping.

This online initiative can be followed on social media - Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram - using the hashtag #PREVENIRCOVID19.