DECEMBER 15, 2017

The 17th edition of Ecovalor, the environmental education program of Valorsul, EGF's concessionaire for the regions of Lisbon (North) and the West, is in progress, with the mission of promoting recycling and good environmental practices.


Ecovalor takes place in the 19 municipalities in the Valorsul area of ​​intervention and it is planned to involve 300 schools and 80 social solidarity institutions. The goal is to have schools and institutions at the forefront of the separation of recyclable materials.


In this programme, recycling has a double value. Recyclable materials return to the production cycle and become raw material, and schools and institutions are rewarded for their good environmental performance.


To this end, participants will have access to awareness raising actions, visits to Valorsul and prizes up to 1,000 euros. These prizes are awarded in the contest "Recycle and Win", to educational establishments or institutions for the separation of plastic & metal and paper & cardboard and will distinguish the ones that separate more quantity per municipality. The expectation for this edition is to send to recycle 430 tons of plastic & metal packaging and 306 tons of paper & cardboard.


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