OCTOBER 10, 2018

ERSUC, an EGF Concessionaire in the center of Portugal, will be present at the TechDays event, which will take place in Aveiro from 11 to 13 October.


This initiative is organized by the Municipality of Aveiro and presents a three-day program where you can attend conferences, meet innovative projects on education for science and gaming, visit an exhibition where technological innovation reigns and participate in business meetings.


ERSUC and EGF sponsor this initiative and will present two innovation projects: the project Our House is a Planet and the Recycle Bingo application, already available at ERSUC.




Our House is a Planet


The Action of Environmental Education Our House is a Planet presents 3 films specially designed to be seen in itinerant planetariums, using a 360º projection technique and with contents appropriate to 3 different audiences: kindergarten; 1st, 2nd and 3rd Cycle; Secondary / Adult.




In an innovative way, the sensitization actions include, in addition to the presentation of the films, games about the environmental theme and delivery of pedagogical materials that allow to consolidate the knowledge obtained by means of information transmission vehicle. The active and passive participation of the public are themselves a national environmental awareness campaign that can be replicated by other entities and with an easy multiplier effect.


The themes presented in the Environmental Education Action Our House is a Planet are based on the Reduction, Reuse, Recovery and Recycling of materials and energy, replacing the end-of-life concept of linear economy with concepts of Reuse, Restoration and Renewal. In such a way, the action contributes to active citizenship in the field of sustainable development and to building a low carbon, rational and efficient society in the use of its resources.


These itinerant planetariums are touring the country at events and educational establishments. Those interested in receiving these innovative and fun awareness actions should send an email to comunicacao@egf.pt


App Recycle Bingo


The recycle Bingo application is an APP that promises to leave more and more Portuguese families with the recycle bin. Recycle BinGo is an application, but it works like a game that makes the recycling experience much more fun and rewarding. How?






The main mission of the game is to make visits to our usual container for selective collection. Through geolocation our Smartphone knows that we are close to it. When we check in we unlock a set of friendly animals, the EcoGifts, with which we fill our BinGo cards. Each time we complete a card, we earn EcoCoins - which we can exchange for great prizes, such as movie tickets, discount vouchers, and more. In addition to this main mission, the application is launching special surprise missions with the aim of improving Portuguese knowledge about recycling, maintaining involvement with Recycle BinGo and of course rewarding the most friends on the planet.


Recycle BinGo is now available on the App Store and on Google Play. And to work in the 36 municipalities of ERSUC!


We are certain that Recycle BinGo will help us all fulfill this important mission. But for this to happen, this news must spread. Help us spread the recycle bin.


We count on you.


Find out all about the most friendly game on the planet at: www.recyclebingo.pt


About TechDays

Technology has been a part of our daily lives since the beginning of mankind: stone tools, fire control, first garments, algebra, transistors and many other examples. Great dreams, visionary aspirations, unshakable failures, and the ability to overcome ourselves, led mankind to great innovations. Humanity today faces great technological changes that permeate all generations. The technological revolution is present in everything we do. It's a part of our lives. Innovation is changing the way we do business, sustaining the creation of new industries and transforming the society in which we live, at a rapid pace. But all these challenges also bring new opportunities.