MAY 17, 2018

SULDOURO, EGF Concessionaire, in collaboration with the Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, promoted on the International Recycling Day, the launch of the environmental education action OUR HOUSE IS A PLANET, in the Canedo Group of Schools.



This event was attended by around 500 students and teachers, distributed throughout several sessions throughout the day. At these sessions the participants watched the 360-degree film screenings, which covered topics such as Reduction, Reuse and Recycling, of a innovative way, which made possible an interactive dynamic among the participants.





This initiative is the result of a joint work of ALGAR, ERSUC, RESIESTRELA, RESINORTE, RESULIMA, SULDOURO, VALNOR and VALORMINHO, and was supported by the Environmental Fund and the National Strategy for Environmental Education 2020.


The themes of Reduction, Reuse and Recycling are thus approached in an innovative way, using as itinerant planetary resources and 3 films projected in 360º, which allows an interactive dynamic with students and participants. This action contributes to an active citizenship in the field of sustainable development, in the construction of a low carbon, rational and efficient society in the use of its resources.


More information about this initiative: OUR HOUSE IS A PLANET