MARCH 13, 2020

Lisbon was awarded the title "European Green Capital" in 2020 because it focuses on mobility, in the creation of more green spaces, in the reduction of noise, pollution and water costs, among other measures.


This title represents a European Commission project that recognizes cities that are progressively more eco-friendly, that strive to make the lives of their citizens healthier and more sustainable and that promote environmental awareness.


Together with other companies, Valorsul signed the Lisbon Capital Verde 2020 environmental pact, committing itself to implementing, by 2030, measures and actions that mitigate the environmental footprint and promote good sustainable practices.


Among those actions are projects aimed at combating climate change, namely directed at promoting recycling and circular economy, such as:


  • Communication campaigns dedicated to recycling in specific target audiences;
  • Acquisition of supports and bags to promote selective collection at specific events, fairs and audiences;
  • Awareness-raising actions to help improve the quality of the materials delivered to the Sorting Centers and the Organic Valorisation;
  • Offering composters to families, aiming to encourage the habit of composting, associated with dedicated communication campaigns;
  • Support to the Municipality of Lisbon in expanding the Selective Collection of Bio-waste.