JUNHO 1, 2017

Resiestrela, EGF Concessionaire for the region of Cova da Beira, in partnership with the Municipality of Sabugal, participated in the 2nd edition of Enertech 2017, held at the end of May, collaborating with this EcoEvent to ensure the proper management of the waste produced, accounting the quantities produced of paper/cardboard, plastic/metal and glass during the days in which it took place.

Under the motto "SABUGAL, SOURCE OF NATURAL ENERGY", the Sabugal municipality wants to become a central territory in the controlled use of resources and in the search for new solutions that are friendly to the environment and promote human comfort, especially for the latent and unexplored potential of its territories, highlighting innovation and environmental sustainability, aiming to be a meeting space for promotion, dissemination and demonstration of what happens in the natural energy sector.
For more information: www.resiestrela.pt