23 JULY, 2023

Resiestrela celebrates 15 years.

These are 15 years that represent years of hard work, a lot of dedication from all Resiestrela employees and that is why we marked this day to celebrate our success and all the achievements that have been achieved, because we believe that our work is an essential service for the well-being and quality of life of 184. 457 inhabitants, spread over the municipalities of Almeida, Belmonte, Celorico da Beira, Covilhã, Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, Fornos de Algodres, Fundão, Guarda, Manteigas, Meda, Penamacor, Pinhel Sabugal and Trancoso.


All our achievements are due to each and every one of the employees who daily wear the company shirt and who dedicate hours and hours of your lives to ensure that all the waste received is valorised and sent for recycling.


The success of our company is proof of the competence of the entire team, harmony, unity of effort and fulfilment of objectives.

Resiestrela is a dynamic and growing company. It is a young company. It has a staff of young but experienced employees, who daily ensure with dedication the treatment and valorisation of waste.


Regardless of its youth, Resiestrela has the management experience of the EGF S.A. group, a company with a structuring, dynamising and innovative role in the solid waste recovery and treatment sector in Portugal. Together we will make Resiestrela a business reference in Cova da Beira and Beira Interior Norte, contributing effectively to the sustainable development and improvement of economic conditions and quality of life in our region.


With a strong sense of responsibility and mission, we will continue to assume our commitment to manage the Cova da Beira Multimunicipal System for Sorting, Selective Collection, Recovery and Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste, adopting appropriate solutions for the treatment and recovery of municipal solid waste, contributing to the sustainable development of the region, enhancing people's quality of life, ensuring that the waste produced is used as resources or sent to the most appropriate destination, which will allow, in a future that we are building, to guarantee an improvement in the quality of life for the populations to come.


Nuno Heitor, managing director of Resiestrela, says "we celebrate our 15 years of work, thanking the dedication of the entire Resiestrela team, all families who separate recyclable waste, the Presidents and technicians of the 14 municipalities, all educational establishments, institutions, associations, IPSS, commercial establishments, companies and services that place packaging in ecopoints and all customers of the door-to-door collection service, as they are an example of citizenship, dedicating themselves to an environmental cause with enthusiasm for a greater good.


The future of our planet and the future of generations to come".