MAY 05, 2018

Valorminho, EGF Concessionaire for the Alto Minho region, was present at the Alvarinho and Fumeiro Party, held in Melgaço from 27 to 29 April.


This party welcomed the environmental education action 'OUR HOUSE IS A PLANET', open to the participation of adults and children, which took place at different times during the three days of the event. The project is the result of a joint work of ALGAR, ERSUC, RESIESTRELA, RESINORTE, RESULIMA, SULDOURO, VALNOR and VALORMINHO, and was supported by the Environmental Fund and the National Strategy for Environmental Education 2020.




This action counted on 700 visitors who had the opportunity to watch the films projected to 360º, that approach Reduction, Reutilization and Recycling themes in an innovative way in the itinerant planetarium.


Being this a National Eco-Eve of reference, it could not stop generating waste. Over the weekend, about 6.5 tonnes of glass, 1.5 tonnes of packaging, 1 tonne of carton and 0.1 tonnes of used cooking oils were produced.