28 JULY, 2023

"A Good Action Changes the World" is the motto of the campaign that calls for sustainable practices during the week of World Youth Day.


Valorsul, the company responsible for the treatment and recovery of urban waste in the 19 municipalities of the Lisbon area and the Western Region, which serves 1.6 million inhabitants, has just launched a new institutional campaign in the context of World Youth Day (WYD) Lisbon 2023, with the aim of raising pilgrims' awareness of waste reduction, reuse and recycling, seeking to minimise the ecological impact of their presence in Lisbon through the adoption of sustainable practices.


"A good deed changes the world. Practise yours! Recycle!" is the motto of the new campaign, which starts today and combines an intervention on the façade of Valorsul, with digital dynamics that highlight the commitment to Sustainability, making the values of the company and WYD coincide in a unique way.


With this campaign, the company wants to go even further and extend the good deeds to everyone, to individual and group behaviour, in relation to waste production and disposal practices, through volunteers who will be present in Belém and Parque Tejo, from 1 to 6 August, focusing on raising awareness among pilgrims so that everyone contributes with small gestures.


"Valorsul is one of WYD's partners in the area of sustainability, so we are committed to promoting initiatives that leave a lasting legacy on all those who participate in this journey and that reflect our common values, so that together we can build the most sustainable WYD ever", emphasises Susana Silva, Director of Communication and Awareness Raising at Valorsul. "We also wanted to value employees and their good deeds, as a way of recognising the important role that our people play every day in favour of a better future."


The campaign has as its protagonists Valorsul's workers, who practice good deeds every day, whether in the collection, separation or valorisation of the waste that arrives daily at the facilities, and who will assume an even more fundamental role in the week of WYD, due to the increase in the production of packaging and waste expected during this period.