JULY 31, 2018

A new awareness-raising campaign for families to promote recycling began in Nazaré, in the Valorsul area. By the end of the month, the municipalities of Alcobaça, Lourinhã and Peniche will also be visited.


"It's only a pound" is what each person is asked to separate weekly in the ecopoints. It can be plastic, metal, glass or cardboard. If we all separate one kilo a week, we meet national goals.


The residents of the areas served by new ecopoints will receive a letter in their mailboxes and the possibility of requesting to Valorsul a Recycling Kit with 3 bags to separate the packages at home.


The campaign promotes the use of another 1,500 ecopoints that Valorsul is installing in the municipalities of the West region, which means a significant increase of more than 50% in the ecopoints provided by the company and is the result of Valorsul's clear commitment to recycling .


By 2021 the company's investment plan amounts to 55 million euros.


The reinforcement of ecopoints and the "It's only a pound!" Awareness campaign count on the support of the Operational Program for Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Rescue. More information at www.valorsul.pt