JUNE 28 2023

The Water&Environment 2023 Conferences (Conferências Água&Ambiente 2023) are supported by EGF and are being held in Santa Maria da Feira on 27 and 28 June.

It was the Biodegradable Waste Conference that yesterday kicked off these interventions that also include the Recycling and Recovery Conference today, the 28th.

Panel II - "Monitoring and Transparency" was composed by Maria José Sebastião - Responsible for the Organic Valorization Area, from Amarsul, and Sérgio Lopes, Production Coordinator of the Treatment and Organic Valorization Station, from Valorsul, who made their interventions under the theme "Organic Valorization and its Traceability", in which they approached the key points: the importance of monitoring the installations and demonstrating the results; good practices for efficient processes; the operation of the installations to obtain a quality compost.

Miguel Nunes, Head of Algar's Technical Area and R&D, was part of Panel III - "Quality Product" and his participation was subordinated to the "Commercialization of Organic Correctives", through the key points: restrictions and limitations to the application of compost on the soil and the commercialization of compost: the experience of those who do it - difficulties and opportunities.

The topic of Biodegradable Waste dominates the debate on waste given the obligation of its selective collection and circularity. EGF is available to collaborate with municipalities and to contribute to the process of treatment and recovery of this waste in order to overcome this challenge.


On this second day of the Water & Environment 2023 Conferences, the Recycling&Recovery Conference brought to the agenda the challenges and opportunities of the recycling industry and its contribution to achieving the recycling targets.


In this context, José Coelho, Executive Director of Suldouro, participated as a speaker in Panel II - "Community Recycling Targets - The recycling industry's vision" and his intervention identified opportunities and key points in the theme "The role of Municipal Waste Management Systems in reuse and recycling".


At the same time, several specialists were also part of Panel IV, addressing issues relevant to this debate, whose programme can be consulted here.


The aim is to debate recycling in Portugal and, to this end, to listen to management entities and recyclers, municipalities, operators and recyclers. EGF intends to contribute to this objective and to achieving the demanding recycling targets, and therefore continues to join and promote initiatives that allow it.