Monitoring of the Energy Recovery Center
The monitoring of the environmental effects of Valorsul's Center for the Treatment of Urban Solid Waste has been and is a concern and need since its foundation.


This concern and necessity exist because we carry out an activity that may raise doubts on the part of the residents in the surroundings of the Central, so we have been concerned with implementing monitoring programs that allow the knowledge of several parameters, evaluating the environmental effects of a functioning plant . 


This is of greater importance if we consider that the area where the Center is located is an area where the industry is present in a very particular way. 


The monitoring programs, which have been carried out continuously since one year before the start-up of the plant, are as follows:

- Air Quality (in continuous) - Valorsul, S.A .;
- Air Quality (in batch) - Institute of Environment and Development of the University of Aveiro;
- Ambient Noise - CAPS-IST; dBLab: Acústica e Vibrações, Lda .; ASA - Ailton Santos e Associados, Lda .;
- Quality of Waters and Sediments - Hydrographic Institute of the Navy;
- Terrestrial and Estuarine Ecosystems - Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon;
- Public Health Surveillance - Institute of Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon;
- Psychosocial monitoring - Qmetrics, lda.


These studies, with the exception of Air Quality (continuous), are being carried out by independent entities of recognized merit, which guarantee the independence and reliability of the results


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