Ana Loureiro is re-elected as ISWA Representative.


Ana Loureiro, EGF's Communication Director, was re-elected for another 2 years as Representative of National Members on ISWA - International Solid Waste Association's organization Board.


It is one more step on the path to make the world a better place!


Congratulations Ana Loureiro and APESB, ISWA's representative in Portugal!


EcoEvents from north to south of the country

EcoEvents continue to mark their presence from north to south of the country.


EGF and its 11 companies are promoting and supporting sustainable events among municipalities and organisations from the north to the south of the country.

Summer festivals, sporting events and festivals are the first target of this campaign that aims to spread proper environmental habits everywhere.


The aim is to ensure that organisers ensure the proper management of waste produced in the event venues, from its prevention, reuse and recycling, and to raise awareness among participants to collaborate in this collective movement.


In recent months, there have been many and varied good examples of EcoEvents: the 29th International Motorcycle Concentration in Góis (Góis); Sol da Caparica Festival (Costa da Caparica); Paredes de Coura Festival (Paredes de Coura); Meo Kalorama (Lisbon) and Douro & Porto Wine Festival (Lamego); lots of city festivals and races throughout the country.


Follow our companies on the social media networks and find out where is the next EcoEvent  near you.


More information about the Ecoeventos campaign at:


Valorlis celebrates 25 years of existence

25 years with you, being part of the solution


Valorlis celebrated its 25 years of existence in a lunch with the collaborators, which took place last Saturday, September 10th. A celebration where we honoured the past and looked with pride to the present, glimpsing a challenging and promising future, under the motto: Valorlis, 25 years with you, being part of the solution.


 This commemoration was marked by the presentation of Valorlis' new institutional film, photographs of the company's history and the symbolic delivery of souvenirs to the collaborators, such as the "notebooks with history" made from the reuse of posters produced throughout 25 years of communication with the population.


Created in 1996, throughout this quarter of a century Valorlis has closed down the 4 existing dumps in the region, built a landfill for the treatment of urban waste, evolved towards a technical model for the valorisation of urban waste, through mechanical and biological treatment and installed a system for the collection and sorting of recyclable waste, consolidated with management and data acquisition systems.


It continues its evolution to the present day with the construction of a new treatment line for organic waste, such as food waste, whose selective collection will be implemented in the near future by Municipalities, and with the expansion of its activity of selective collection of packaging, paper/cardboard and glass.


 It has been 25 years working to achieve the goals of improving the environmental conditions of the region, providing a quality public service to the community in an economically sustainable way, and ensuring the social protection of its employees.


Valorlis has over 1780 ecopoints strategically distributed throughout the region for the deposit of recyclable waste, and also a fleet of 21 operational vehicles dedicated to selective collection and transport of waste. Valorlis transforms waste into resources: soil corrective, electrical energy and new recycled products.


In order to develop its activity, Valorlis currently has around 150 employees who ensure the functioning of its installations and the treatment and annual valorisation of 182 thousand tons of waste in its installations.


Marta Guerreiro, Valorlis' Delegated Administrato, underlines that "A company's success happens because there are competent professionals who accept the challenge to overcome obstacles and fight to guarantee the best management of the waste treated by Valorlis. Congratulations are due to all our employees and partners, who wear the shirt and carry out their work in an exemplary way, a joint work that makes a difference in the populations' day-to-day life".


And she adds "It is a pride to be an administrator of this company and to witness the great evolution in the treatment of waste in our region, as well as the improvement of working conditions" "Valorlis will continue to invest in the implementation of new solutions for the treatment and recovery of waste that incorporate social and environmental gains, contributing in a sustainable way to improve the quality of life of the populations".