EGF is a respectable European company in the environmental sector and leader in waste treatment and recovery in Portugal

447 Gwh/year

Produced Energy

6,2 Million

People served

328 Million t

waste water for recycling from selective collection







22,4 thousand t

Compost produced

3,2 Million

Tonnes of waste treated

EGF - Environmental Global Facilities

EGF differentiates itself by the excellence in the service it provides with quality, technical expertise, innovation and sustainability.


More than recovering waste, EGF values people's quality of life by guaranteeing that waste produced is used as resources or sent to the most appropriate destination. Reinforced by its integration into the MOTA-ENGIL Group, EGF has resources with potential to explore, in a context of innovation, which will enable, in the future we are building, to ensure an improvement in quality of life for populations.


With EGF it is possible to guarantee the recovery of waste in the most sustainable manner in its different fields of activity, through demanding environmental standards, exemplary social practices and creation of value, making the company a focal point for innovation and an environmental reference.