EGF Services

EGF provides a service of integrated solutions, which include collection and treatment of waste, relationship with the citizen and national and international consulting. Get to know, in detail, the various services we provide to the municipalities, to companies and to the public.

Integrated solutions

EGF and its concessionaires have made a considerable investment in recent years on infrastructure, operation and knowledge in order to stand as a Group with know-how in the entire waste management cycle – from the moment in which the product becomes waste and including all processes that transform it into something suitable to returning to the value chain.

Design, construction and operation of infrastructures

EGF has a considerable portfolio of infrastructure and waste treatment solutions, tracked from design to operation. This internal know-how, supported by multidisciplinary teams, is an asset to the decision-making processes that EGF is exporting.

Waste collection and treatment

EGF guarantees the entire process for the collection, treatment and recovery of waste, with the environmental, economic and social solutions better adapted to each context. This is the company’s core business and in which EGF has a technical team with know-how that is nationally and internationally acknowledged for its years of experience and ability to innovate and find solutions.

Communication environmental education
Communication and environmental education are the essential engine for achieving results - without the active participation of the citizen it is not possible to achieve results, for more mechanisms and technology that is implemented.

In this context, EGF develops campaigns and carries out communication and environmental education actions for diversified publics and adds value based on considerable experience in contact with the populations and in the implementation of strategies focused on obtaining results.

In partnership with the City Councils or other entities, EGF brings fundamental concepts to all people through interactive, dynamic and objective projects.