EGF is currently investing in new markets and developing strategic partnerships in various countries, with an emphasis on the countries where its shareholders are already present.


Supported by excellence in service, by the creation of trust-based relations with its partners, by innovation and efficiency in cost and investments, EGF is now a symbol and a reference in recovering and adding value to waste.

Know-how and the ability to execute are strong suits of an EGF which is ready to export knowledge and technology for waste treatment and recovery around the world, in the following areas:


1. Design, construction and operation of waste management infrastructures: sanitary landfills, sealing and recovery of dumps, energy recovery plants, sorting plants, mechanical and biological treatment plants, composting plants, among others.


2. Strategic consulting in the definition of waste management plans adapted to different realities, including the economic, environmental and social components;


3. Strategic consulting in communication plans and projects and in environmental education.