Energy Recovery

The energy potential of the waste produced is very high and, at EGF, we seek to benefit as much as we can from processed raw materials. This energy recovery is guaranteed through different processes.


In 2018, EGF has 29 energy producing centers with an installed capacity of about 45,000 kW and a produced energy of 465 GWh / year.



Energy recovery through incineration  


EGF, through its concessionaire Valorsul, has an energy recovery plant with capacity for 662,000 t/year. This plant, located in São João da Talha, produces sufficient energy to supply a town with 200,000 inhabitants and save 510,000 barrels of oil. Apart from energy, this facility produces slag that is subsequently recovered by recycling the ferrous and non-ferrous metals and producing a certified aggregate for building roads and for other uses.


Energy recovery through biogas production     


At EGF, biogas produced at anaerobic digestion plants and sanitary landfills is an advantage for waste treatment as it allows for maximum value to be obtained from products after recycling and previous treatment. 


Valorsul Energy Recovery Center

Location: Plataforma Ribeirinha da CP - Bobadela Merchandise Station, 2696-801 São João da Talha - Loures

Area: 7 ha

Origin: Undifferentiated Collection

Treatment Process: Mass Incineration

Waste accepted / treated: All wastes from undifferentiated collection.

Valuation products: electric energy; slag; ferrous scrap; fly ash; combustion gases.

Maximum processing capacity: 662 thousand tons per year (90% availability)

Start of operations: February 14, 2000


At EGF, biogas produced in anaerobic digestion plants and landfills is an added value in the treatment of waste, so that it is possible to extract the maximum value when it has already been recycled and previously treated everything that was possible.


In 2017, EGF registers the existence of 55 "MotoGeradores" Groups, with an installed capacity of about 45,000 kW and an energy produced of 539 GWh / year.