Amarsul - Seixal Sorting Plant


Location: Ecoparque do Seixal, Pinhal Alto dos Carrascos 2845-195 Amora;

Origin:  Selective Collection, EcoCentres, Individuals, Municipalities;

Treatment process: Combination of manual and mechanical processes of separation, with the use of ballistic and optical separation, packaging and dispatch for the recycling industry;

Maximum processing capacity: 6.552 ton/year;

Start of commissioning: 1999;

Waste accepted / treated:   Paper / Cardboard packaging; Glass Packaging; Plastic Packaging; Ferrous Metal Packaging; Non-ferrous metal packaging; Mixed Packaging, Composite Packaging, Electric and Electronic Equipment, Fluorescent lamps and other residues containing mercury, Batteries, Glass, Paper / Cardboard, Plastics, Metals.