APRIL 21, 2020

Algar, EGF's concessionaire in the Algarve region, renewed its certification in Health and Safety Management Systems, having also met all the conditions to be granted the maintenance of the integrated certifications in Environmental and Quality Management Systems, thus contributing to the sustainable development of the Algarve region.


The maintenance of the certification recognizes that the management of the multi-municipal system for selective collection, waste transfer, sorting and treatment of solid waste from Algar, is carried out with respect for high quality standards of the services provided, especially when talking about treatment around 400,000 tons of municipal waste per year.


According to the President of the Executive Committee of Algar, Telma Robim, "the company was audited between December 16th and 19th of 2019, having been considered by the certifying entity, APCER, that the necessary conditions were met and implemented in all administrative, support and operational units, namely: Selective Collection activity; 2 Sanitary Landfills; 8 Transfer Stations; 13 Ecocenters; 2 Sorting Stations; 3 Biogas Energy Recovery Units; 3 Green Waste Composting Units; 3 Leachate Treatment Units and 1 Organic Recovery Center. All the company's facilities and activities remain certified, leaving us very satisfied".


Among the numerous internal and external advantages inherent to Algar's Integrated Management Systems, the following stand out: the adoption of pollution prevention principles, as well as the strengthening of training and the satisfaction of employees, customers, stakeholders and society, in general. In terms of Safety, Algar prevents the risk of accidents, work diseases and guarantees a safe and healthy work environment in all sectors of the company.