DECEMBER 14, 2020

Algar and NUTRIVERDE® wish everyone happy holidays, fulfilling a tradition with which the Algarve has already become accustomed. In this festive season, all Algar facilities will have horticultural plants to offer their customers, along with samples of their organic compound, NUTRIVERDE®, ideal for this type of crops.

Planting vegetables is one of Algar's proposals that invites all Algarvians to create their own vegetable garden, a company tradition that has completed a decade, and that is fulfilled every year by this time. In addition to being a great hobby, it also brings economic benefits by providing cheaper and tastier vegetables. With the fundamental help of NUTRIVERDE®, a 100% natural compound, better agricultural production will be achieved.


To access this offer, you'll just need to one of the company's facilities, starting on December 14th (, and deliver a bag with recyclable packaging waste in exchange for compost and vegetables (limited to existing stock).


NUTRIVERDE® is obtained exclusively from recovery and treatment of green waste from parks, gardens, golf courses and agricultural activities, through a biological process called composting. The production of this compound allows Algar, annually, to recover about 15 thousand tons of this waste, avoiding landfill dumping.


ALGAR's Organic Compound sides with Agriculture

The excellent quality of NUTRIVERDE® promotes greater production in agricultural crops.

NUTRIVERDE®, produced and marketed by Algar, is ideal to use as an organic fertilizer and/or substrate. In addition to not being aggressive or polluting to nature, NUTRIVERDE® brings numerous benefits to the soil, returning it to organic matter absorbed by plants, thus closing the natural cycle. In this way, it is possible to fight soil erosion and improve its physical, chemical and biological properties.


NUTRIVERDE® can be purchased at Algar's premises during their opening hours. The company has 3 Green Composting Units in operation, in Portimão, São Brás de Alportel and Tavira. NUTRIVERDE® deliveries can be made by Algar, subject to conditions to be agreed with the customer.


Currently, NUTRIVERDE® and NUTRIVERDE PREMIUM® are sold in bulk and in a big bag (packaging with circa 800 kg). To learn more about NUTRIVERDE®, you can visit Algar's website at