DECEMBER 23, 2019

Algar has launched the Christmas campaign “First we celebrate, then we recycle!” to remind people of the importance of packaging separation in the appropriate ecopoints during holiday season.


Despite Algarve's good performance in terms of recyclable packaging waste, Algar warns that there is still much work to be done in the region. Only 40% of glass containers and, equally, of paper/cardboard packaging produced in the Algarve are placed in ecopoints, and only 20% of plastic/metal packaging is destined for recycling.


In this campaign, Algar calls for all recyclable packaging to be placed in ecopoints and not just some, as the remaining fraction of recyclable packaging waste, which is not deposited in the correct ecopoint, is being placed directly by the population in the undifferentiated waste bin (ordinary refuse), which is then collected by municipalities and destined for landfill.


This Christmas campaign is aimed at all residents and visitors of the region.


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