JANUARY 13, 2020

Algar, responsible for the recovery and treatment of municipal waste in Algarve, reinforced the washing of ecopoints, including cleaning of selective packaging disposal sites and surrounding areas, maintenance of equipment and replacement of signs.


There are more than 7500 intervened recycling bins distributed throughout the 16 Algarve municipalities. The work is performed by specialized teams, from Monday to Saturday, excluding holidays, during daylight hours.


This action is carried out within the framework of the Operational Plan for the Selective Collection Activity and is part of the continuous improvement of the quality of service provided to the population and visitors of the region, to reinforce public health care and to ensure an effective recovery of the collected waste. 


Algar has been strengthening its Selective Collection Activity, having acquired 7 new vehicles in 2019, allowing it to increase its fleet capacity by 32%. It has also been increasing the number of ecopoints, with the placement of 781 new equipments on public roads in 2018 and over 376 ecopoints in 2019. Currently, Algarve has over 12,800 recycling bins for the disposal of recyclable packaging, ensuring the ratio of 1 ecopoints / 126 inhabitants.