JULY 17, 2020

660 tons of recyclable packaging is the number collected by Algar in schools of Algarve, through the “Separa e Ganha” contest. The initiative was promoted under the EGF Group project, Ecovalor, in which 117 schools participated, representing a total school population of 42,593 students.


The “Separa e Ganha” contest, consists of a competition between institutions of any level of education and size in the same municipality, which aims to increase the quantities of recyclable waste collected and raise the awareness of the school community about the correct use of recycling bins.


The contest ran from October 2019 until May 2020. During this period, the participating schools separated and deposited in the recycling containers: 230,574 kg of glass packaging, 246,315 kg of paper/cardboard packaging and 183,045 kg of plastic/metal packaging.


Algar will now award prizes to educational establishments that have achieved a minimum of 1 ton of plastic/metal and/or 1 ton of paper/cardboard and/or 1 ton of glass, during the academic year 2019/20.


Some schools also separated waste from electrical and electronic equipment, having collected a total of 6,863 kg, so they will receive an extra bonus.


Due to the enormous success of this 2nd edition of “Separa e Ganha” contest, the initiative will continue in the next school year. Algar has already started receiving applications from schools that have expressed an interest in anticipating the submission of their application, filling out the membership form to guarantee their place. If your school wishes to proceed in the same way, you can consult all the information available on the Algar website or, alternatively, use the following contacts: Linha Verde 800 203 251 | email: gci@algar.com.pt.


If you want to enroll your school and it is not part of Algar's concession area, you can contact the email - ecovalor@egf.pt - to check your eligibility for another location belonging to EGF.