APRIL 3, 2017

Algar, EGF Concessionaire for the Algarve region, is a partner of the ALGAMATER project, submitted for European funding application H2020, which has been approved.

The partnership is carried out in the demonstration of a new leachate water treatment technology, which intends to use microalgae photobioreactors for the treatment of industrial wastewater (leachate). Associated to this initiative is also the University of Algarve, through the Laboratory of Sanitary Engineering. The project uses an innovative technology that combines a chemical oxidation step to a biological treatment system and also to a stage of tuning the treated effluent through photoboreaders with microalgae, the whole system being developed and patented by Bluemater.

These photobioreactors have the curiosity to be "fed" with the CO2 produced by burning biogas in the existing motor generators in the landfill, contributing to the mitigation of greenhouse gases (GHG). Another innovative aspect of this system is the possibility of reuse of leaching water and other wastewater, which allows to use this system in areas of shortage of drinking water and close the cycle, rather than a rejection of water in the receiving environment.

In 2015 a pilot test was carried out at the Sotavento Algarvio Landfill, where the effect of the ALGAMATER WWTP was demonstrated. It was concluded that the primary flotation with ozone is very advantageous because it reduces the organic load and drastically improves the decolorization of the leachates, improving their biodegradability. Other tests were carried out over 10 years now presenting the mature solution to go to the market. Taking into account the schedule of the work of the project, it is estimated that the treatment line will be in an industrial scale at the end of 2018.

The approval of this financing is the installation of a "ALGAMATER" technology, with a capacity of 150 m3/d, at the Sotovento Algarvio Sanitary Landfill (Loulé county), with no costs for Algar. Algar will only assume the energy costs resulting from its operation. The project will last for 2 years and aims to demonstrate the suitability of the new treatment technology in the leaching waters, which are the most difficult effluents to treat, thus allowing its application in all types of effluents, both urban and industrial, So that it can move to the marketing stage. More information at www.algar.com.pt