APRIL 03, 2019

Algar, EGF's concessionaire in the Algarve region, acquired 7 new vehicles to reinforce the selective collection activity, in the total investment value of 1.2 M €, being co-financed in 85% by the Operational Program for Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources (POSEUR), Portugal 2020 and the European Union through the Cohesion Fund.


This acquisition enabled the company to increase the capacity of the fleet by 32%. In this way conditions were created to assure the needs of the selective collection of, counting now the company with a park of 29 vehicles. The new vehicles are equipped with the latest motorization technology in compliance with the EURO VI (gas emission) standard.




Algar thus pursues its strategy to cope with the increased production of recyclable packaging waste deposited in ecopoints. The values ​​of January and February of this year show a 22% increase in the amount of recyclables collected in the three flows (plastic and metal, paper/cardboard, glass), when compared to the same period. The strong investment made by Algar in 2018 contributed to this result, by placing around 750 new ecopoints on the public highway.


The reinforcement of these equipment will continue in 2019 with the installation of approximately 350 new ecopoints. In this way more than 3900 ecopoints will be available (12,800 containers). The objective is to guarantee the ratio of one ecopoint per 126 inhabitants.


More information at www.algar.com.pt