JUNE 15, 2020

Algar acquired 6 new vehicles for selective collection of plastic/metal and paper/cardboard packaging waste, in an investment of one million euros.



The vehicles have a back entry for collection, which allows for easy access and deposition of materials that are collected in the areas surrounding the ecopoints.



These equipments have a set of characteristics that substantially upgraded the daily working conditions of drivers, in terms of comfort and safety. For:



Improved driver's safety

  • The vehicle has low flooring to access the cab (two steps), which facilitates the entry and exit of the driver, significantly reducing the effort spent on an intense work day;
  • All handling of the crane that collects the ecopoint is carried out from the ground, so the driver does not need to ascend to upper platforms, reducing the risk of work accidents, namely, falls and sprains in the lower and upper limbs;
  • The full air suspension, with a lifting and lowering function on all axles, is also beneficial for the driver's spine and joints.

More road traffic safety

  • The driver's seat positioned at low height, the panoramic windshield, the hinged door, on the auxiliary side, made entirely of glass, and the mirror system, allow for the observation of the entire area surrounding the vehicle;
  • The hinged door to the inside of the vehicle does not require any additional exterior space and protects crew members as well as road users.

These vehicles also allow for more battery savings and low environmental impact. The combination of a powerful and particularly quiet engine, with the comfortable 6-speed automatic Allison gearbox (FuelSense® technology), provides the right performance in any driving and working situation, even at low speed, and creates the best conditions for driving quietly and confidently.


The Selective Collection activity thus has a fleet of 31 vehicles that ensure the collection of approximately 3,800 ecopoints distributed across the 16 municipalities in the region.