DECEMBER 23, 2016

ALGAR, an EGF subsidiary that assures the recovery of waste in the Algarve region, promotes the use of the organic compost NUTRIVERDE®, with a special action for the festive season. Since December 15 that in all ALGAR facilities there are vegetables and samples of this compost to offer to those who go to their facilities to deliver waste.

The purpose is to invite the Algarve population to grow a vegetable garden. In addition to boosting the awakening of interest for healthy eating brings economic advantages by providing cheaper and tasty vegetables.


ALGAR's organic compost - Side by Side with Agriculture

NUTRIVERDE® is produced by ALGAR from green waste. Its excellent quality promotes higher yields in agricultural crops. It is a 100% natural and besides being not aggressive and polluting to nature, brings numerous benefits to the soil, as it combats erosion and improves its physical, chemical and biological properties.