JULY 09, 2020

Algar is reinforcing its selective collection activity, estimating the increase in waste production in the Algarve region during summer, motivated by tourists influx.


In order to respond effectively to the growth in production of deposited packaging in the recycling bins, the company is mobilizing human resources and equipment for the selective collection activity, namely:

  • Temporary workers recruitment for Selective Collection Activity reinforcement (drivers and assistants). This reinforcement it is intended to reach 63 teams;
  • 6 new vehicles that integrate the fleet park of recycling bins' selective collection, totaling 31 vehicles;
  • Reinforcement of recycling bins collection, resorting to external service providers;

In order for all of us to collaborate, Algar makes available the following means for separation and recyclable waste deposition:

  • 3800 recycling bins distributed across 16 Algarvian Municipalities;
  • 13 ecocenters for receiving large quantities of recyclable and/or larger packaging waste (three in Loulé, two in Albufeira, one in Alcoutim, Aljezur, Castro Marim, Lagos, Tavira and Vila do Bispo).
  • “Algarlinha” phone service (information 800 203 251), made up of teams and vehicles that ensure the free collection of recyclable packaging in the participating commercial establishments.



Algar works in partnership with the municipalities for a more sustainable Algarve.


This partnership's main goal is to improve the articulation between the entities of the region and Algar in the resolution of some operational constraints that arise, mainly, in periods of greater population concentration in the Algarve.
The following measures stand out:

  • Sensitize the population in compliance with good practices, namely, alert and prevent parking near the recycling bins, a situation that makes collection impossible;
  • Control and inspection of incorrect deposition of waste at the recycling bins.

In this way, it is possible to define common methodologies both in urban cleaning and waste collection, through concerted efforts, optimization of resources and integration of contributions.


Do you know what happens to your recyclables after they are deposited in the recycling bin?


The different materials, after being collected by Algar in the recycling bins, are sent to the Sorting Units (Loulé and Portimão), where they undergo a more detailed separation.


The flow of the yellow container (plastic and metal) is separated and baled in different types: PET, HDPE, Film, EPS (styrofoam), Mixed Plastics, ECAL (cardboard packaging for liquid foods), Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals.


The material collected in the blue container (paper and cardboard) is separated from contaminants such as grease-soiled papers and others, and then packaged.

As for the material coming from the green container (glass), its sorting is carried out in an independent line, where the plastic bags and other undifferentiated waste, incorrectly mixed with these packages, are removed and at the end the material it is sent for recycling.

Now that you know what happens to your recyclables, don't forget to separate everything, always and everywhere. Place recyclable waste inside the nearest recycling bins. Separating is fundamental, the environment says thank you!