SEPTEMBER 07, 2017

After a year and a half of the signing of the protocol of cooperation between Algar and the Food Bank Against Hunger in the Algarve (BACF) under the project "SOLIDARITY GARDEN", both entities now make a positive assessment of the initiative. It should be recalled that this action took place in March 2016 as a result of a partnership between the Portuguese Federation of Food Banks and the Ministry of Justice, through the Directorate General for Reinsertion and Prison Services.

The objective of the project "SOLIDARITY GARDEN" was to grant the inmates of the institute of social reintegration, namely of the prison establishments of Faro and Olhão. Over the course of this period, about 20 men went through the project, the vast majority on parole and working. Teams composed, as a rule, of four men, carried out activities in the field of horticultural production in organic farming, developed on land provided by the Ministry of Agriculture (Patacão, Faro) and with the result of their work allowed many needy families supported by the BACF would have access to a variety of healthy foods.
For the planting of horticulture, under the aforementioned protocol, the BACF has relied on the transfer of the NUTRIVERDE® compound produced by Algar from the green waste recovery. A 100% natural product, environmentally friendly, ideal for use as organic fertilizer and or substrate that can be used as a production factor in organic farming.
From March 2016 to the present, Algar delivered 26.62 tonnes of the NUTRIVERDE® compost for use in the cultivation of various vegetables (lettuce, tomato, pepper, courgette, pumpkin, cabbage, fava beans, onion and sweet potato). Over a year and a half of developed work, 12 tons of these foods were produced, however distributed by institutions throughout the Algarve, which, through the BACF, support a total of 18,000 people.
SOLIDARITY GARDEN has proved to be an extremely emblematic and significant project. In addition to its excellent results, it has allowed us to work on very important issues such as social integration, environmental protection and nutritional care, in this case the integration of food to feed needy people throughout the Algarve.
The SOLIDARITY GARDEN project currently has more partners who "feed this idea", namely:
. Regional Directorate of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Algarve (with the provision of land, water, equipment, fuel, manpower for equipment handling and technical support - free of charge);
. General Directorate for Reinsertion and Prison Services (EP Olhão and EP Faro with the transfer of prisoners - with costs);
. Câmara Municipal de Loulé (transfer of transport to schools that develop activities in HORTA and transport of manure - without costs);
. Faro Municipal Council (transfer of manure transport - without costs);
. University of Algarve (involvement of students and teachers of the agronomy course - free of charge);
. Portuguese Federation of Food Banks (through plant / seed transfer protocols, as well as production factors such as fertilizers - without costs);
. ARS Algarve (promotion of healthy eating - free of charge).
. ALGAR (transfer of compound NUTRIVERDE - without costs);
. PLANTALGARVE (transfer of plants - free of charge);
. VIDAVERDE (yielding of plants - without costs);
. EQUINOSTRUM (transfer of manure - with costs);
. Loulé Horse Riding Center (transfer of manure - free of charge).
. MAPS (involvement of users in recovery from drug addiction - free of charge);
. CAT (involvement of users in recovery from drug addiction - free of charge);
. ACASO (involvement of disabled and disabled users - free of charge):
. EXIST (involvement of disabled and disabled users - free of charge);
. AAPCDAM (involvement of disabled and disabled users - free of charge);
. ASMAL (internships and CIS + of disabled and disabled users - with costs).
It should also be mentioned that in the ambit of Algar's activity the company cooperates with several local projects aimed at the development of the Algarve region, and regularly promotes environmental awareness campaigns aimed at the general population, small commerce and services.
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