ALGAR, the EGF Concessionaire for the Algarve region, made a total of € 1,776.00 under the Environmental Awareness Campaign "Recycling Mission to Equip tthe Red Cross" and "From Cap to Bottle", two initiatives supported by the company that aim to appeal to the separation of bottles, empty bottles as well as plastic caps and encourage their delivery in the entities that benefit from these campaigns, namely, the Red Cross Delegations and the Algarve Oncological Association.

In this way, it is intended to contribute to obtaining funds in favor of the acquisition of equipment or other means necessary for the services they provide to the population. Nine months after the signing of the cooperation protocols, 8,88 tonnes of plastic packaging have already been sent for recycling.
How to collaborate with the campaigns:
Just go to each of the following institutions and deliver bottles, empty bottles and plastic lids.
Campaign "Mission to Recycle to Equip the Red Cross"

Where to go - Beneficiary entities:
Delegation of the Red Cross of Faro-Loulé;
Delegation of the Red Cross of Moncarapacho / Fuseta;
Delegation of the Red Cross of Tavira;
Delegation of the Red Cross of Lagos;
Delegation of the Red Cross of Portimão;
Humanitarian Center of Silves.
Campaign "From cap to bottle"

Where to go - Beneficiary entities:
Algarve Oncological Association
Anyone who contributes to the campaigns will not only contribute to these institutions gaining the means to improve the conditions of service provided to their users, but will also promote good environmental practices.
Advantages of Recycling
Recycling of used packaging has many advantages, among them the reduction of the amount of waste deposited in landfills, preventing the need to build more landfills and the preservation of natural resources, since the recyclable waste after treated is transformed into raw material, which can be used in the process of producing new products.