FEBRUARY 20, 2017

ALGAR, EGF Concessionaire for the Algarve region, and the Delegations of the Red Cross of Faro-Loulé; Lagos; Moncarapacho-Fuseta; Portimão; Tavira and the Humanitarian Center of Silves-Albufeira signed a protocol on February 17 with the objective of raising funds to equip their units.
The project titled Recycling Mission for the Red Cross aims to collect and deliver plastic caps and packaging to Algar, which in turn will send them for recycling, thus obtaining funds to support projects developed by the respective units.
The delegations under consideration are non-governmental, voluntary, of public interest and non-profit institutions.
The fundamental objective of the Portuguese Red Cross is to provide humanitarian and social assistance, especially to the most vulnerable. Their actions are intended to prevent and repair suffering while contributing to the defense of life, health and human dignity.
Among the various services provided to the population, it is worth mentioning the intervention of those who are exposed to situations that threaten their survival with dignity, especially those characterized by the absence or insufficiency of social and economic means. In addition, the Red Cross participates in emergency / relief situations and / or transport of patients. The protocol of cooperation with Algar represents an important step and an essential contribution for these delegations, to obtain financial resources to enable them to continue the service they carry out in the context of their mission.
Pinto Rodrigues, Managing Director of Algar, explains "Separating does not cost that much, and tohelp neither! Algar is an Algarvian company, made by Algarve, in the service of the Algarve. It is an honor for us to participate in an action that contributes to those who need it the most. Algar continues to assume its social responsibility towards the local community, always committed to improving the quality of life of the Algarve." For more information: www.algar.com.pt