SEPTEMBER 28, 2020

Algar acquired two new automated ecopoints wash units. The investment makes it possible to wash and sanitize surface ecopoints for selective collection in the Algarve region, complying with the “container washing” indicator, inherent to the “quality of water and waste services provided to users”.


Following this acquisition, AW Machinery BV and SOMA - Environmental Solutions, Lda., suppliers of the referred equipment, appointed Algar to indicate a local social institution with the objective of making a donation, within the scope of its social responsibility, for the development of projects that benefit the population of the region.


The Food Bank Against Hunger in the Algarve (BACF-Algarve) was the chosen institution, having received a donation of 6,000.00€. With this gesture, the aforementioned consortium seeks to set the tone for other companies to follow their example, helping this or other local institutions, which are increasingly sought after by underprivileged families.


BACF-Algarve, is an institution that fights waste, recovering food surpluses to take them to those who have food shortages, mobilizing people and companies, who voluntarily join their cause.


The institution currently supports 23,799 people through 116 institutions in the region. Between 1 April and 31 August this year, 1,878,809 units of product were delivered, amounting to 1,845,274.40€, compared to 2019, when 1,195,540 units were delivered, amounting to 1,189,804.28€. The COVID19 pandemic had an impact on the increase in the quantities distributed in the order of 57% and an increase in the food support provided with an additional 655,470.12€.