AUGUST 10, 2017

During August, in partnership with the "Ciência Viva" Center of the Algarve, Algar, EGF's Concessionaire for the region, is participating in the project "Living Science" in the Summer in Network. It is an initiative that integrates more than 800 free participation actions throughout the country, involving the "Ciência Viva" Centers, scientific institutions, municipalities, companies and scientific associations.
Algar is the major promoter of awareness activities related to the environment and the correct separation of urban waste in the Algarve region. That is why this year was invited by the "Ciência Viva" Center of the Algarve to participate in the project Live Science in Summer in Network, an initiative that takes place throughout the country in the summer, between July 15 and September 15.
In this action, the company makes itself available to raise awareness of the importance of good environmental practices through guided visits to the Faro / Loulé / Olhão Transfer and Sorting Station. Those interested in participating only have to make their application using the online platform: