DECEMBER 15, 2017
As of December 18, all ALGAR facilities, the EGF Concessionaire for the ALgarve region, will have vegetables and samples of the NUTRIVERDE® compound to offer those who travel to their facilities to deliver waste. The purpose is to invite the Algarve citizens to grow a vegetable garden. In addition to arousing interest for healthy eating brings yet economic advantages by providing cheaper and tasty vegetables.

Organic Composition of ALGAR side by side with Agriculture

NUTRIVERDE® is produced by ALGAR from green waste. Its excellent quality promotes higher yields in agricultural crops. It is a 100% natural organic compound that, besides being not aggressive and polluting to nature, brings numerous benefits to the soil, as it combats erosion and improves its physical, chemical and biological properties. NUTRIVERDE® can be purchased at ALGAR's premises during the hours of operation. The company has 3 Green Composting Plants in operation, in Portimão, São Brás de Alportel and Tavira. NUTRIVERDE® deliveries can be made by ALGAR, under conditions to be agreed with the customer.

Currently the sale of NUTRIVERDE® and NUTRIVERDE PREMIUM® is carried out in bulk and in big bag (packing with about 800 kg). To know more about NUTRIVERDE® see