MAY 09, 2019

Algar, an EGF concessionaire in the Algarve region, collaborates with the CLEAN BEACH OPERATION and warns of the importance of correct separation / disposal of waste. It will be on Sunday, 12, that 6 beaches in 3 Algarve Counties (Silves, Albufeira and Lagoa) will be "flooded" by volunteers willing to contribute to what is already becoming an annual tradition in our beaches - waste collection who should never have come to our shores and our seabed.


Entries ( for this environmental volunteer will close at 3:00 p.m. on May 10 (Friday) and are important to ensure participants receive a commemorative t-shirt, cap , a certificate of attendance and of course a small snack.


Launched in 2017, in conjunction with "Operation Montaña Verde" (2016), "Clean Beach Operation" is part of the "Together We Protect" environmental responsibility initiative, conceived by Zoomarine, and aims to remove, over several kilometers at the level of the coastal strip and seabed), the human debris that should never be found on our beaches. This year, the partnership tripled and now covers the Municipalities of Silves, Albufeira and Lagoa.



In addition to the volunteers, the "Clean Beach Operation" will count with the collaboration of the Captaincy of Portimão, Águas do Algarve, ALGAR, LIPTON, University of Algarve, ODS Alliance and Vila Vita Parc Resort & the Dive Spot, EasyDivers and the Association of Professional Fishermen in Albufeira. And if we all do our part, separate the waste we produce, everywhere and everywhere, and correctly deposit that waste in the corresponding containers, we will contribute to avoid pollution and to ensure that the waste receives the appropriate destination. It also recalls that recyclable packaging waste must be placed in the ecopoints (the paper / carton in the blue container, the plastic / metal in the yellow container and the glass in the green container) otherwise they can not be recovered.


This Sunday we would like to count on the help of everyone (families, friends and colleagues of all ages) for a few minutes to pass two fundamental messages: (i) marine litter may not have been produced by everyone, but it harms everyone and (ii) the beaches belong to all, and of them we should be able to enjoy without pollution, without risks, and without guilt. So, this Sunday, can we count on your help?


For more information, please contact:

- Élio Vicente, marine biologist

- Dir. Porto d'Abrigo do Zoomarine

- Tel .: 966 966 540

- E-mail: