We were born in 1997 and we have been here for 25 years with the ambitious goal of finding a solution and destination for the thousands of tons of municipal waste produced in the Setúbal Peninsula.


AMARSUL's municipal waste treatment system is a reference in the history of the valorization of municipal waste in our country.


Throughout these 25 years, AMARSUL has invested in the potential of waste as a real resource.


The result of the work developed this quarter of a century is remarkable: per year, we produce electricity for the annual domestic supply of 16,000 inhabitants, using exclusively waste as raw material; we produce more than 9 thousand tons of compost for agriculture and 46 thousand tons of materials sent for recycling.


AMARSUL's priority is to improve the public service of waste management provided to municipalities and to the population in general. Our future will continue to involve strong investment in innovation and commitment to the highest standards of quality, through innovative strategies to raise awareness, increasing the capacity of selective collection, the effective treatment of organic matter collected selectively and the optimization of our treatment and recovery infrastructures.


The territory served by AMARSUL covers a geographical area of 9 municipalities, with 808 thousand inhabitants. Each year, we receive and treat 464 thousand tons of waste, recovering all the urban waste produced in the Setúbal Peninsula.