OCTOBER 28, 2016

The new electro production centre, located in Amarsul's Ecoparque, located in the municipality of Seixal, integrates the set of infrastructures which is part of the Organic Valuation Centre. It is in this unit that the biogas generated from the decomposition of organic wastes is extracted. In September 2016, biogas production this plant was around 135,000 m3, with a methane content of 60%, and 300 MWh of electricity was injected into the grid. At this early stage, only one of the three motor generators (800 kW each) is in operation, with full operation expected in 2017. It is estimated that biogas and energy production are about 900 MWh / month, equivalent to the energy needs of 10.300 inhabitants (source: Annual APREN 2012, p.319).