JULY 01, 2020

Amarsul, EGF's concessionaire in 9 municipalities of Setúbal's Peninsula, showed a 36% growth in the forwarding of waste for recycling in the first half of 2020. Even in a pandemic period, Amarsul guaranteed the minimum services of its activity, having fulfilled its waste recovery mission in the municipalities of Alcochete, Almada, Barreiro, Moita, Montijo, Palmela, Seixal, Sesimbra and Setúbal.


The Strategic Plan for Urban Waste (PERSU 2020) establishes national goals for the selective collection of waste, being the one of Amarsul's of 45kg/inhabitant/year. This is the amount of waste that each citizen must separate and send to the correct container, whether it is plastic/metal, paper/cardboard or glass packaging. These are challenging goals, but by May 2020, Amarsul had already collected recyclable waste equivalent to 52kg/inhabitant/year.


This significant increase in Selective Collection in all Municipalities in the area covered by Amarsul, is the result of the investment that Amarsul has developed in the selective multi-material collection of packaging waste in recent years in vehicles, recycling bins, containers and in environmental awareness campaigns, bringing equipment closer to the population, to encourage recycling in the region.


Serving more than 780 thousand inhabitants, Amarsul contributed positively to the recovery of waste, with an increase of 4 thousand tons of recyclable waste collected: 47% of plastic and metal, 43% of paper and cardboard and 17% of glass. The increase in selective collection was transversal to all municipalities, having shown better results in the collection of plastic and metal packaging, as well as paper and cardboard packaging.


These numbers reveal a greater environmental awareness for the importance of recycling within the family household, but also in the workplace, which is manifested in the correct deposition of waste and use of recycling bins. This waste will then be sorted and forwarded for recycling, gaining a new life cycle.


With the return to normality, Amarsul's teams continue to develop container cleaning and sanitation actions using an appropriate disinfectant product and have seen their training in hygiene and safety at work reinforced.


Amarsul finished 2019 with an annual capitation of 39 kg of packaging waste separated per inhabitant and with twice the collection points for recyclable waste. In 2020, with the reinforcement of the coverage of collection points made, and even in a pandemic period, the company expects to continue to grow in all municipalities in the region.