AUGUST 26, 2020

The investments made by Amarsul, in the last two years, in vehicles and recycling waste containers, resulted in a significant increase in recyclables collected selectively in the first half of 2020.

It was, therefore, understood, the need to ensure the consequent increase in the processing capacity of the Automated Sorting Plant of Seixal's Ecopark; a unit intended for the separation of plastic and metal packaging (yellow waste container) which the citizens deposit at the recycling bins.


The 1st phase of Amarsul's Automated Sorting Plant modernization and expansion started in July, and is expected to be concluded this month, considering an investment of around 1 million euros integrated in Amarsul's strategy regarding the promotion of multi-material recycling.


The Automated Sorting Plant will have a new line with equipment that will allow processing from 4 ton/h to 6 ton/h of material. To this end, some critical equipment is being replaced which will allow the increment of recycled materials taken up and the achievement of the recovery goals originating from the selective collection, as well as the goal of preparation for reuse and recycling set for the Amarsul.


This project intends to provide this packaging waste processing unit with a processing capacity capable of fitting the increment of selective collection envisaged for the horizon of the Strategic Plan for Urban Waste (PERSU 2020) that establishes the national goals for the selective collection of waste. Amarsul's goal is 45kg/inhabitant/year, however, by June 2020, recyclable waste equivalent to 52kg/inhabitant/year had already been collected by the company.


Amarsul is in line with its essential values, being in the forefront of technology and management and providing a quality service for the citizens of Setúbal's Peninsula.