FEBRUARY 28, 2020

Amarsul, EGF's concessionaire responsible for the recovery of urban waste from 9 municipalities in the Setúbal Peninsula, showcased, in 2019, a remarkable growth of 19% in the forwarding of waste for recycling, resulting from the investment made in the municipalities of Alcochete, Almada, Barreiro, Moita, Montijo , Palmela, Seixal, Sesimbra and Setúbal.


The population of the region, with more than 780 thousand inhabitants, contributed positively to the increase in the collection of 33 thousand tons of recyclable waste, 45% were paper and cardboard, 30% glass and 25% plastic and metal. The increase in selective collection was transversal to all materials, although it presented better results in paper and cardboard packaging, which registered a higher growth: 25% more than in the previous year.


These indicators are the result of the investment of 10 million euros that Amarsul has developed in the multi-material selective collection of packaging waste in recent years in vehicles, ecopoints and containers for selective door-to-door collection, as well as in environmental awareness campaigns for incentive to recycling, developed in partnership with the Municipalities. This amount, part of Amarsul's investment plan, is co-financed by the POSEUR program - Operational Program for Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources and aims to increase and optimize the quantities of recyclables separated at source.


Amarsul ended 2019 with an annual capitation of 39 kg of packaging waste separated per inhabitant and with twice the collection points for recyclable waste. In 2020, the goal is to reach the target of 45kg per inhabitant.