APRIL 3, 2017

Amarsul, EGF Concessionaire at the south of Tagus river, presented an innovative platform in the area of ​​environmental management. The application, called GIASOR, was presented at the Waste 2 Business Seminar, organized by APEMETA (Portuguese Association of Environmental Technologies), which was held on March 16, to relevant entities and personalities related to the waste sector.

GIASOR is a pioneering project, produced in collaboration with the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal, whose algorithm allows the efficient management of selective collection circuits, guaranteeing greater efficiency in the process, as well as providing relevant information for each container with updated information Bi-daily. It is currently possible to access all the information provided by GIASOR, through its website www.amarsul.pt

With this platform, the location of each ecoponto installed in the Peninsula of Setúbal can be identified, the level of filling of the container at the last collection or until the planning of future collections. This is how Amarsul remains an innovative company in the waste sector, fulfilling its mission of promoting the environmental sustainability of the Setúbal Peninsula.