JULY, 10 2018

Next Wednesday, 10.07.2018, the second talk of the Ocean Communication Center will be held, a project that seeks to unite audiences of Portuguese-speaking countries, in a virtual way (via LiveStream), about different themes related to the Oceans.


The second cycle will be attended by Eng. Dora Guterres, from the company Valorminho, which will present the theme "Sustainable Behaviors".


The second session will begin on July 10, at 4:00 pm, at the Lisbon Academy of Sciences, and can be attended in person and free of charge, but also in LiveStream at www.ccoceanos.pt






Penguins, Ice and Shrimp: How Antarctica Can Affect Us All!

- Dr. José Xavier: PhD from the University of Cambridge (UK), professor and researcher at MARE (Center for Marine and Environmental Sciences), University of Coimbra and British Antartctic Survey (Cambridge, UK).


Global changes and marine systems - Fatty acids as bioindicators

- Dr. Ana Marta Gonçalves: PhD from the University of Coimbra in collaboration with the University of Ghent, Belgium. She is currently a researcher at MARE - Center for Marine and Environmental Sciences, University of Coimbra, and the advanced laboratory MAREFOZ, based in Figueira da Foz, and also collaborated at CESAM - Center for Environmental and Marine Studies, University of Aveiro.


Sustainable Behavior

- Eng. Dora Guterres: Engenheira do Ambiente, Pós Graduada em Agenda 21 local. Trabalha na Valorminho, Valorização e Tratamento de Resíduos Sólidos SA, Concessionária da EGF, como Responsável pelo serviço de Comunicação e Imagem, gestão do processo comunicacional e informativo para a Sensibilização Ambiental, é ainda Colaboradora no Blogue Somethyngmore; no canal da MEO Forum TV e no jornal local o Torreense. Possui ainda uma série de formações adicionais no âmbito da sustentabilidade.



Ocean Communication Center


The Oceans Communication Center is a project of Nysse Arruda, journalist and curator, nautical specialist for more than 20 years in Portugal, author of several publications and awarded in 2016 by the Femina Prize. She started this project to promote the debate on the essential issues associated with the Sea, and obtained institutional support from several institutions, especially the Presidency of the Republic, the Ministry of the Sea, the Ministry of the Environment, the Lisbon City Council, the Hydrographic Institute, the Sciences of Lisbon, IPMA and Unesco-Portugal.


This project is also sponsored by the Olympic sailors João Rodrigues and Joana Pratas, and also with the Brazilian sailor Torben Grael, the surfer Garret McNamara and the American NGO Marine MegaFauna Mozambique.


For more information: Ana Loureiro | 968601711 | ana.loureiro@egf.pt