AUGUST 12, 2019

Valorsul's “Everybody Can Compost” program is an innovative community composting project developed by the EGF concessionaire of the North and West Lisbon region, which provides a community composter in five green spaces in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. People living in the surroundings of each of these five sites can participate by handing over their organic waste to be turned into natural fertilizer.


The implementation of the “Everyone Can Compost” project was carried out in partnership with the municipalities, which are now responsible for their management and maintenance. The resulting compost will be offered to users or used by the municipality itself.



This initiative allows the reduction of the amount of waste deposited in municipal containers while valuing the organic matter present in municipal waste.


In addition to the community composter itself, the project promoted by Valorsul ensured the training of the municipal staff responsible for the composters and developed a communication and awareness campaign for the practice of community composting, aimed at the population living in the surroundings of each of the five sites. to know about the new equipment and the benefits of composting.


The "Everyone Can Compost" program benefits from the support of PO SEUR, which funded training and communication materials.


This initiative responds to the growing number of citizens with environmental concerns in their daily lives who are willing to change their behavior and contribute to reducing their ecological footprint. Composting is a 100% natural process where vegetable waste comes to life, becoming fertilizer for the land.


“Everyone Can Compost” is available at the following locations:

Central Park of Amadora.
Ribeirada Integrated Park, Odivelas.
Green Park of the Cruzeiro Hills, Odivelas.
Pedagogical Farm of Olivais, Lisbon.
Ecobundy Garden, Vila Franca de Xira.