MARCH 20, 2018

The beginning of this week marks a new stage in the digital scenario for 06 companies of the EGF Group.


Valnor, Resiestrela, Valorminho, Algar, Resulima and ERSUC have officially launched their Internet portals, creating a greater integration between EGF's business units and making the digital communication channel more informative, efficient, clear and dynamic. These portals were developed from a similar structure, sharing synergies in backoffice work, available tools and content development, and then explore the characteristics and differences of each company.


The new websites present information and details on the business areas of each company, detail the sustainability strategy and the campaigns of each organization and also reinforce the transparency of the EGF group's communication from the availability of financial information, by operation, to all the users. Access to information becomes simpler and more intuitive with the new websites.


In addition, the newly launched websites have an exclusive area for customers, where it is possible for the user to find information about the admissible residues, the particularities of the selective collections, the needs for waste delivery and the documentation and licenses for the operation of each company. This is a new channel that allows greater knowledge and approaches the work of citizen's companies.


With these new contents and greater dynamism, EGF believes in the opportunity to expand best waste management practices, contributing to the growth of the business and sustainability of the country.


Meet in the new internet websites: