AUGUST 21, 2017

Suldouro, EGF Concessionaire in the South of the Douro, responsible for the treatment of municipal waste in the Municipalities of Santa Maria da Feira and Vila Nova de Gaia, started last July 01 the expansion of its project door-to-door waste collection of recyclable packaging.

Configured to promote an increase in the quantity and quality of the selective collection of paper / cardboard, plastic / metal, beverage and glass packages, the communication, awareness and containerization actions of the project have already integrated, since last July 1, 1,480 new users, with the equivalent distribution of more than 4,440 tri-phase selective domestic equipment.


Validated and adjusted by weighing the good results obtained in the pilot phase developed in 2016, Suldouro's door-to-door selective collection project (PAP) implements a strategic option established in its PAPERSU in response to the challenges introduced by the national strategy (PERSU 2020) in terms of increased multi-material recycling. The PaP project contributes to the achievement of the specific objectives of the multimunicipal system managed by Suldouro as well as to the national objectives of the urban solid waste management strategy within the framework of the Community's waste policy.

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